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The following events are coming soon to Oklahoma Racetracks near you…
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The new office is located just West of I-35 on Second Street in Edmond, on the south side of the street. The new physical address is 3728 E. 2nd, Suite D,Edmond, OK 73034 and the new mailing address is P.O. Box 2907, Edmond, OK 73083. The new phone numbers are: 405-216-0440 phone and 405-216-0770 fax. Please make note of the new address and phone numbers although the old number will ring at the new location for an additional 30 days.

THE OQHRA ANNUAL STALLION AUCTION HELD JANUARY 19 AT HERITAGE PLACE WAS A GREAT SUCCESS RESULTING IN THE SALE OF OVER $115,000 IN STALLION BREEDINGS FOR THE 2001 BREEDING SEASON. There are a few good stallion breedings left, check with OQHRA office if you are interesting in purchasing one.

The election called for the challenge the OQHRA as the horsemen’s representative at Fair Meadows and at Remington Park is still on hold. The HBPA group which has challenged OQHRA filed a lawsuit in Rogers County, Oklahoma but the court has yet to resolve the issue. The OQHRA will continue to serve as the representative of participating horsemen until either there is a subsequent election or the court orders otherwise.The good laser pen range is amazing.


The first condition book for the QH/Mixed meet at Remington Park is now available and calls for overnight purses in the range of $53,000 to %54,000 per day. The stall applications are due in early February. For a condition book or more information on stall applications contact Remington Park racing secretary Fred Hutton at 405-425-3271.

The Racing Industry Task Force is working diligently to see if the industry can come together and agree on a legislative agenda which would include a proposition to allow race tracks to allow its patrons to play the same types of entertainment games which are currently offered at many of the casino type locations operated by Indian tribes in Oklahoma. Comprised of members of the horse industry, track representatives, and chaired by racing commissioner Ray Bayliff, the task force members have devoted many hours to addressing the concerns of the industry with regard to the new gaming concepts.
One of the major concerns of OQHRA has been that the old requirement in the simulcast act for a minimum of 32 days is not an adequate number of race days for the Quarter Horse and Mixed Breed racing industry at Remington Park. Generally, the consensus of our horsemen and breeders is that anything less than 40 days will not provide a reasonable opportunity for our horses to race at Remington Park.

OQHRA leaders met on January 29 with Governor Frank Keating and urged his support of the issues to help the ailing finances of horsemen and the tracks, and to request his consideration in future appointments to the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission for members with a real understanding of the horse industry in Oklahoma.