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10 Best . Posted in GEAR, GEAR GUIDES By Jason Lee. Your ability to get things done, as well as your safety, all depend on your ability to see what’s in front of you.

A compact source is a must and we suggest you find one that shrugs off weather, has a long life based on solid construction and an LED bulb, and gives you a few basic settings for various circumstances. We’ll help you begin your journey with the 10 best for EDC.

When I pulled the Photon II from its packing my first thought was, yep this is what I was expecting for a sub $10 ; this had a cheap plastic feel and obvious rough seam where the two halves of the housing met.

Since are usually really small, they are not as powerful as some other every day carry (EDC) . With that said most manufacturers produce some sort of a .

Squeeze Keychains, Character Keychains & Keychain Party …

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