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Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Industry

The Oklahoma Quarter Horse racing industry has an annual economic impact of $482 million account to the American Quarter Horse Council Study of 1996. According to the same study, the annual economic impact of all aspects of the Oklahoma Quarter Horse industry is $2.1 billion.

  • Oklahoma ranks fourth nationally in racing opportunities for American Quarter Horses. In 1999, Oklahoma tracks offered 994 races with 2,546 starters for $7,819,161 in purse monies.
  • World class American Quarter Horses run in Oklahoma. In 2000, there were 31 graded stakes, including six grad one events, conducted at Oklahoma tracks.
  • World class American Quarter Horses are bred in Oklahoma. Since 1965, 55 Oklahoma bred horses have been recognized as AQHA Champions a total of 95 times, including eight that were named overall World Champion. Those World Champions included such greats as: Refrigerator (twice World Champion), See Me Do It, First Down Dash, Miss Thermolark, Easy Date,¬†Easy Jet, and Laico Bird.
  • Oklahoma stallions breed more mares than any other state.

The American Quarter Horse Industry in Oklahoma
American Quarter Horse Population

    • 188,968 American Quarter Horses
    • 8,881 new foals registered
    • 7,115 transfers of ownership
    • ranks #2 in the number of American Quarter Horses

AQHA Membership

    • 11,831 annual memberships
    • 1,182 life memberships
    • 1,003 amateur card holders
    • 867 youth association members ranks #3 in number of AQHA members

AQHA Shows

    • 40 shows per year
    • 689 average entries per show
    • Tulsa Holiday Winter Circuit is ranked in the top 20 shows
    • The AQHA World Championship Show in Oklahoma City had 3,900 entries in 1999

AQHA Racing

  • American Quarter Horses race throughout Oklahoma at 3 different tracks
  • In 1999 the Total Gross Quarter Horse Purse $7,819,161
  • In 1999 the Total Par-Mutuel Quarter Horse Handle $25,119,908