OQHRA Membership

Let OQHRA Represent You

OQHRA has served as your representative since 1997.
As your representative they serve your best interests by:

  • Negotiating the horsemen’s contracts with the tracks.
  • Monitoring purse accounts, simulcast agreements and Parimutuel distributions.
  • Handling concerns and complaints from horsemen relating to the actual conduct of the live race meeting including stabling, track condition, facilities¬†and much more.
  • Working with racing secretaries, racetrack management and racing official regarding conditions, or other eligibility questions, enforcement, and compliance issues relating to licensees at the track.
  • Administering at each track benevolent, medical, dental and financing assistance programs for backside workers and horsemen.
  • Providing input to commission staff relative to the interests and concerns of horsemen regarding enforcement, growth and regulatory issues.
  • The OQHRA provides administrative support, leadership and financial assistance for the Horsemen’s Track Committee at each track where OQHRA is the elected horsemen’s representative. At each Oklahoma Racetrack the Horsemen’s committee is comprised of participating owners and trainers to consider issues relative to racing at that track.
  • OQHRA maintains a fully equipped and staffed office at Remington Park during the Quarter Horse/Mixed Meet and at Fair Meadows during the Mixed Meet to provide assistance and information for participating horsemen. In addition, a full time horsemen’s representative is employed by OQHRA to assist the horsemen’s committee at Blue Ribbon Downs year around.
  • OQHRA works closely with the track and the Parimutuel division of the State Auditor and Inspectors office to see that horsemen receive the maximum amount of money generated for purses during each race meeting.
  • OQHRA has a support base of just over 600 members.
  • Directors are elected to 3 year terms, staggered so one director is elected annually from each congressional district.